Gibbstown Fire Company



Monday, July 25, 2016  It just wouldn’t be Summer Safety Camp week unless it was very hot outside!  Year 12 and the weather did not fail us as usual. Camp started with campers in grades 3rd & 4th signing in and getting their official camp shirt (thank you to Cettei and Connell Insurance for sponsoring).  Campers were then introduced to the staff for the day, went over the schedule, discussed what happens if the pagers went off and then went on a tour of the station.  Campers then looked at trucks and went on a ride in the rescue truck. After a re-hydration break, campers got to learn about the gear, air packs and tools firefighters use as demonstrated by firefighters DiFebbo, Shaw and Hurlburt.  Chief Fisler and Lt. Cella presented the lesson on the Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC). Campers noticed changes between things that were hot, warm, cool and cold.  Then campers played high tech hide and go seek using the TIC to locate camp staff hiding in a darkened area. A crew from GCEMS presented a lesson on what they do, how to handle and emergency and their cool equipment.  Thanks for the learning materials campers could take home and share with their families!

            Lunch time was next.  Campers had sandwiches, snacks and drinks (donated by Thayer Distribution). There was time to relax and get a short game of whiffle ball in with firefighter R. Minix.  There was some more re-hydration and then time for some afternoon learning.  Firefighter Hurlburt gave a short lecture on fire extinguishers. Campers Learned PASS-Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.  Campers broke into 2 groups to practice hose rolling with firefighter Shaw and R Minix and fire extinguishing with firefighters McGill and Hurlburt.  GC Communication Center gave campers a tour of the smaller field com unit. They showed campers what happens when you call 9-1-1 and how they track a call. Thanks for the learning materials campers could take home and share with their families!  The group came back together to work as a team to put out several “fires” in the hand built house.

            Finally it was time to play in the largest sprinkler in Gibbstown!  Campers ran in and out of the sprinkler to cool off.  Lastly campers dried off, enjoyed popsicles, talked about what they learned and discussed what they would need for Tuesday’s camp.  Thanks to the following fire fighters for their assistance with presenting lessons: Chief Fisler, Lt. Cella, Difebbo, Shaw, Hurlburt, McGill, R. Minix, D. Sizemore, J. Sizemore and T. Minix.  Thanks to junior firefighters Binck and L. Nastase and helpers L. Papp, C. Cella, S. Fisler, H. Fisler, T. Long,  K. Trauger, R. Trauger and W. Trauger for volunteering to help.   Day 1 was a success!