Gibbstown Fire Company



Tuesday, July 26, 2016  Day 2 was for campers in grades 3 & 4 again.  It was another steamy day in the high 90’s.  Campers signed in and met the staff for the day.  We reviewed what they learned yesterday and what they liked.  This morning campers learned about first aid.  Campers created stories about the patient (their stuffed animal) and how it got injured.  After they gathered all of the patient’s information (name, address, age, medical history and what happened), they treated the patient.  We had some creative stories!  After a short rehydration break, campers returned to the AC to about fire Safety from Firefighter/Paramedic Dan from Washington Township.  He review fire safety with campers and then gave them some real life experiences in Washington Township’s state of the art fire safety trailer.  Campers got to extinguish fires and escape from a smoke filled room.             The new exhibit made its grand appearance….the Firefighter Challenge for Summer Safety Camp.  This was an obstacle course using several things that a fire fighter uses or may experience (Climb a ladder, rescue a pet, rescue a person and extinguish a fire) on a fire and/or rescue call.  Thanks to Chief Fisler for finding a video and adapting it to our camp!  It was then time for lunch.  Today’s lunch was pizza and snack and drinks (provided by Thayer Distribution).  Sgt Mangine from Greenwich Twp. Police stopped by to register camper’s bikes/scooters.  Campers watched a power point and video on bike safety.  Then they took part in the bike rodeo (bike safety course).

            The last lesson of the day was about water safety taught by FF Shaw and DiFebbo.  Campers learned about PFD and life jackets.  They also learned that if someone is in trouble to Reach, Throw, Row and Go.  They practiced tossing rope bags to staff to rescue them. Again it was time to play in the largest sprinkler in Gibbstown!  Campers ran in and out of the sprinkler to cool off.  Lastly campers dried off, enjoyed popsicles and talked about what they learned.  They will be returning on Friday to join the 5th through 7th grades for graduation.  Thanks to the following fire fighters for their assistance with presenting lessons: Chief Fisler, Lt. Cella, Difebbo, Shaw, McGill, R. Minix, D. Sizemore, J. Sizemore and T. Minix.  Thanks to junior firefighters Binck and L. Nastase and helpers L. Papp, C. Cella, S. Fisler, T. Long and W. Trauger for volunteering to help.