Gibbstown Fire Company

Rescue To Assist East Greenwhich

Sunday, April 26, 2015  Rescue 2118 was requested to respond onto Rt 295 to assist East Greenwhich Fire Department who was on location all morning with a multi fatal motor vehicle crash.

2118 went into service with extrication tools and airbags to extricate both victims.

The Gibbstown Fire Department would like to express its sympathy to the family and friends.



Air Bags And Cribbing Drill

Tuesday, April 14, 2015  Capt Bill Bates put the members to the test this evening. Setting up ladders on top of each other and tied in the middle, he placed a full cup of water on the top ladder in the middle.

Members were instructed using four teams to lift the bottom ladder off the ground 12" using the Air bags, cribbing and jacks and not to spill the water.

Operation took to lift ladder 12" off ground a little over 1 hour.



Brush Fire Patane Farm

Sunday, April 12, 2015  Sunday afternoon Company dispatched for large brush fire on Patane Farm. CFM-6 came up on fire and found two kids trying to put it out. 2115 extinquished fire with 2111 giving tanker water. About  2 acres burned.



W. 421 Broad St Dwelling Paulsboro

Tuesday, April 7, 2015 00:23 Gibbstown was dispatched to Paulsboro at 12:23 for Mutual Aid Assist for Dwelling on Broad St. Police on location reported heave fire in rear of Dwelling. Paulsboro Chief reported Duplex with heavy fire in rear.

2116 was first to arrive and stretch a line to the rear were the kitchen was fully involved. Fire extended to second floor were a second team quickly stop the spread.

Other units on location 2118 filled air bottles and supplied lighting. Westville ladder was upgraded from cover to scene to division D side in case fire got into roof. East Greenwich, County EMS and Fire Marshall were on location. Thorofare was in for cover towns.

All on location was 2 ladders, 4 engines, 3 rescues with 33 personnel.

Fire was put under control at 1:02 am. Station was available 2am. No injuries reported.



Tanker Assists Logan Twp

Saturday, March 14, 2015  Gibbstown Fire Co. Tanker was called to assist with water supply in Logan Twp for a fully involved Commercial Truck. Firefighter Tropea cut front cab to gain access to engine compartment.



Commercial MVC Swedesboro and Democrat Rds.

Saturday, March 14, 2015  Station was dispatched for MVC Commercial Tractor Trailer vs. SUV at the intersection of Swedesboro Rd. and Democrat rd. Upon arrival both drivers were out of the vehicles and had no injuries. 2118 de-energized the SUV and applied oil dry around small leak of oil.

2111 attended the Tractor Trailer were there was a large amount of diesel fuel from the saddle tanks.

Greenwhich Twp EM and the Gloucester County Hazmat Team were called out for the fuel spill as well as a County truck to sand the roadway.

County EMS was on location were both drivers refused treatment.



Gibbstown & Logan Twp Drill At Warehouse

Tuesday, March 10, 2015  Logan Twp. Fire Dept. has been given a warehouse that is being torn down to use for fire training. Gibbstown was asked to participate in using the warehouse as well for training. This evening Logan Twp did some search techniques on the second floor and Gibbstown practiced elevator rescue and escape techniques using different tools.

Gibbstown would like to thank the Logan Twp. Fire Department  for allowing us the use of the warehouse for training.



Ice Rescue Drill

Sunday, March 8, 2015  Logan Twp. and Gibbstown Fire Department members got together at Silvestro Lake to dress up on their Ice Rescue Skills. The members used each departments equipment as well as the underwater camera and practiced using different rescue techniques.



Fire Co Gets Donated Camera

Jim Schmidt, Matt Cahillane, Al Silbaugh

Jim Schmidt, Matt Cahillane, Al Silbaugh

Sunday, March 8, 2015  Matt Cahillane of Firefighters Support Services met with Emergency Management Coordinator Al Silbaugh and Lieutenant Jim Schmidt at the Fire House and donated a new Thermal Imaging Camera. The Fire Company would like to thank them very much for the new camera. With budget restrictions and the need for new equipment their donation will allow us to continue to provide quality service to the community as well as offer our fir fighters the best equipment available to perform their duties safely and effectively.




Tuesday, February 24, 2015  Each year the members are put through an SCBA refresher course of the Scott Air Packs. Capt. Bates had all members take a written test and after wards began the mandatory requirements to be certified to use the packs. This evenings drill members need to put all there gear on and pack up under 2 minutes. Then they used the Keiser sled to practice using tools with the air in service as well as climb some stairs. Another drill is scheduled later to have members do search in smoke trailer and climb 75 foot ladder.

Click on top banner for more pictures and video of drill.



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