Proudly Serving our community since 1900Emergency: 911

Unit : 2111

Built by KME in Nesquehoning, PA and sold by Skip Stinger of J.B. Hunt. The engine was placed into service August 1997. The engine is built on a Renegade Excel tilt cab and is powered by a Cummins 400 Diesel engine with a Jacobs brake. Engine/Tanker 2111 is a dual-purpose truck functioning as an engine company and a tanker. It carries 2800 gallons of water, 50 gallons of 1% foam, and has a 1500GPM single stage Hale Q-Max pump. Hose loads consist of 200′ of 1″, 600′ of 1 3/4″, 200′ of 2″, 500′ of 2 1/2″, 400′ of 3″, and 1000′ of 5″ hose. The engine carries the NFPA compliment of ground ladders and a 3000 gallon porta-pond, and other engine company equipment. The engine is used primarily as a supply pumper.

DriverOperate (Pump), Establish (Water Supply), Establish (Lighting)Radio, Reflective Vest
Officer(Radio Traffic), Locate Hydrant, Establish ICS, Assist CanPick Axe
CanFire SuppressionWater Can (nothing showing), 1-3/4″ or 2-1/2″ line (showing)
ForceForce Entry, Back-up CanIrons
HydrantHydrant hook-up, Assist w/ exterior ops, PPV fan to front if neededHydrant bag, 6′ Hook, Dry Chem Extinguisher (nothing showing)
ExtraNon-SCBA Qualified: Perform exterior opsSCBA Qualified: Assist w/ Interior Fire SuppressionTNT Tool, 6′ Hook
*ALL (except driver)Report to Ladder for truck-ops when 2nd due in townRadio, Flashlight