Proudly Serving our community since 1900Emergency: 911

Unit : 2116

Built by KME in Nesquehoning, PA and sold by Skip Stinger of J.B. Hunt. Ladder 2116 was placed into service in January 2000. The unit is built on a Renegade Excel tilt cab and is powered by a Cummins 450 Diesel engine with a Jacobs Brake. Ladder 2116 is a dual-purpose apparatus known as a Quint. Serving both as an engine and a ladder. The truck is equipped with a 75ft boom and carries 500 gallons of water. It has a 1500GPM single stage Hale Q-Max pump with a Class A & B foam system. The Ladder is equipped with a vehicle extrication tool, EMS equipment, 115′ of ground ladders, a 10kw amps generator and Truck company tools. Ladder 2116 is first out for all structure fires.

DriverEngage Generator, PTO, Ladder Power, Pump, Establish Water Supply, Operate Boom, PPV to front of structure, Establish LightingRadio, Reflective Vest
OfficerRadio Traffic, Locate Hydrant, Establish ICS, Fill-in crew as neededAxe, 6′ hook, CO/LEL meter as needed
CanEngine Duties-Fire Suppression, Truck Duties- primary searchWater Can (nothing showing), 1-3/4″ or 2-1/2″ line (showing – engine), 6′ hook, 16′ roof ladder (truck ops)
ForceEngine Duties-Force Entry, Assist Can, Truck Duties-Force Entry, Primary SearchIrons, T.I.C.
HydrantEngine Duties-Hydrant hook-up, Truck Duties, Vent/Enter/Search from rear6′ Hook, 16′ Roof Ladder
OVMVent/Enter/Search from rearTNT Tool, Appropriate Saw
*ALL (except driver)Truck Duties-Assist w/Placement and Set-up of LadderRadio, Flashlight